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 Are you searching for nanny jobs or babysitting jobs in Vancouver?  You are only a click away to finding the perfect job for you.  You have arrived at the best resource for your job search.  Nanny Jobs Vancouver can help you every step of the way.  You want to take care of our most precious asset, our children, and we will go the extra distance to ensure we find the optimum job for you.  Somewhere, in Vancouver, there is a family just waiting to have someone like you, to nurture and enhance the lives of their children.  We can help you find a part time nanny job in Vancouver, or a full time job.  Live in, or live out nanny job in Vancouver, whatever your needs are we can help.  Perhaps you are looking for babysitting jobs in Vancouver.  Again, we can help!

We have a vast database, updated continually, in which you can search for potential employers.  Through our service you can post your own profile, complete with all of your experience, education, and areas of expertise, for potential employers to view.  We have a professional staff to guide you through every step, and we will match your personality, skills, and requirements to a family that is looking for the same criteria.  Nanny wages in Vancouver are competitive and we will work hard to find the best job for you.  We can assist with background checks, resumes, and interview preparation.  One you are hired, we will guide you through the contract agreement.  If you are a nanny from abroad, we will assist you with your paperwork to ensure government guidelines are met.  Our support does not stop there.  Our professional staff will be in touch and available 24/7 until you are successfully settled in with your new family. 

Vancouver has long been considered one of the best cities to live in the world.  What better place to be a nanny than Vancouver?  There exists here a virtual outdoor wonderland.  As a nanny or babysitter in Vancouver you can explore the Telus World of Science which features exhibits, shows, and activities for kids to participate in while learning at the same time.  You can take the children in your care on the False Creek Ferry Ride, or go to Kits Beach and Kits Outdoor Pool, great in the summer!  And don’t forget Stanley Park with the Vancouver Aquarium, Miniature Train Ride, Horse Drawn Carriage Ride, or the Nature House.

You have chosen one of the most rewarding careers that one can choose.  Nanny Jobs Vancouver is committed to helping families and their providers form lasting bonds through communication, understanding, and attention to the individual needs of the nanny or babysitter and the family they take care of.  

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